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CPAA provides the valued added solutions in line with client’s requirements and our engagement policiesOur market segments are wide with diverse engagements in Financial sector, education,  communications, manufacturing, medical, safety and security, logistics and ICT.

We partner with global multinationals such as Samsung, Google, Sony Media, Nokia, Dell, HP, Apple and Kobian whose technology we have tested using global benchmark. Our partner’s technology provides framework that makes our solution work best.


CPAA solutions include the following:

  • Smart System Technology Solution
  • Mobile System Technology Solution
  • Digital Publishing & Open Source Media Solution
  • E- platform Solution
  • Corporate Website Design, Development & Management Soution
  • e-Content Developement & Management Solution
  • E-Governance Technology Solution
  • Digital development Solution
  • Online Portal Development & Management Solution
  • Technology Advocacy & Campaign Solution
  • Corporate Computer Security Emergency Solution
  • Digital Forensic Solution for law enforcement
  • Cyber security & Countermeasure Solution
  • Data storage solution
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Solution
  • Application Software development
  • Hardware Project  development


CPAA introduces Education Consultancy Unit.

Portrait of business womanCPAA Education Consultancy (CPAA-CE) is a subsidiary of Continental Project Affairs Associates (CPAA).  The CPAA-EC was established to meet the demand from education stakeholders for professional and independent foundational school and college developers based on national (Nigeria) curriculum or UK curriculum standards. CPAA –EC provides educational consulting frameworks that transform school idea into a perfect reality meeting the aspiration of the proponent, the benefactor and the beneficiary.  We provide the following services under our educational consulting unit.

  • School development & Management training
  • School Management Consulting
  • Pupils Educational Improvement Program
  • Curriculum Design & Development
  • Professional Development in Teaching & Learning
  • School Human Resource Training, Recruitment & Audit
  • School Advocacy & Education Marketing services
  • School Intervention financing
  • Teacher Training Program
  • School Assessment & audit services
  • Smart School development
  • School Procurement Design
  • School licensure & Accreditation Services
  •  Education Capacity Building conference services– customized workshops and stakeholder management.
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