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‘We borrow our service term “Business Framework” from construction industries. A framework is a solid and enduring support structure that holds building or bridge together to withstand any seen or unforeseen impact. Ask any professional construction engineer, without a solid framework, building or bridges collapse like a pack of cards. The consequence is colossal!’ 

‘Similarly, we understand the emerging market terrain; you need to take advantage of our Service Framework to support your business solidly, productively and profitably without compromising your hard earned investment. If not, the consequence may be too risky in Nigeria or the rest of Africa’  – 

CPAA offers highly scalable technology services and products that strive to meet the dynamic needs of our client’s business or project mission either directly or in the public or private sectors, and in non-governmental industry.

We create and drive values through Direct Engagement or Partnership, Public-Private Partnership, or Multi-Stakeholder Partnership framework. Whichever that applies to our clients business/project thinking, we advise in the most appropriate way to make them succeed. CPAA provides services and solutions in business and development project covering the following area key areas:


CPAA provides strategic leadership in Professional Cybersecurity Consulting and Project Management Services through our innovative products CYBERSECURITY-AFRICA. We deliver strategies for Securing and Protecting Critical Infrastructures, Networks of Data and Information to empower and sustain government business and life continuity.

CSA CORE MISSION: We conceptualize, design and provide professional end-to-end solutions for the development, delivery, management, administration and maintenance of cybersecurity assurance program that safeguards all information assets and online presence of governments, corporate businesses and individuals and supporting their total infrastructure against cyber threat.


  •  To provide conceptualize, analyze, design, develop, implement, deliver and technically manage, and support, best practices in Cybersecurity Assurance and Risk Management Consulting as a packaged products.
  • Securing, protecting and assuring confidentiality, integrity and availability of government and corporate core presence in cyberspace.
  •  To deliver cost effective products that optimized and secure corporate presence in cyberspace


CPAA premium consulting in Enterprise Cybersecurity and Risk Management solutions will support a comprehensive nationwide, statewide and Business Enterprise-wide program that encompasses people-process-data and information security assurance implementation of infrastructure, cyber-monitoring, threat, vulnerability analysis  disaster recovery, legacy data and information migration, ICT Security Legal Advice and Litigation Services, contingency plans and management, data recovery and special incident management covering a whole range of management and technical approaches.


CPAA professionals work together with MDAs at state and National level corporate policy makers and their agencies, corporate business and individuals to achieve the following;

  • National and state technical Cybersecurity structural design
  • Develop strategic frameworks and policies development on Cybersecurity.
  • Develop guidelines capacity building and stakeholder engagement framework for the adoption and implementation of global best practices, and other regulatory requirements, procedures and applications to enable compliance with national and state digital security statutes and standards.
  • To ensure the operability and delivery of information security assurance and cyber risk management solutions and services to support, secure and sustain operation continuity.


  1.  Delivery of Cybersecurity services and policy framework to foster National security, design, promote and secure information technology operations environment at all operational levels and needs.
  2. Designing and development of coordination mechanism for Cybersecurity emergency response for government and corporate bodies.
  3.  Enterprise-wide and State-wide solutions program for vulnerability assessment and   management.
  4. Cybersecurity legal policy framework development  advisory and litigation services
  5.  Cybersecurity  advocacy solutions and Security Public Awareness Program  with capability to publicize information on protective measures cyberwatch and threat alert system.
  6. Cybersecurity training to users and employees of government and private organization.
  7.  IT security programs tailored for youth empowerment to help create and sustain information security capability within the country.
  8.  Design and development of Cybersecurity Manpower Framework for government and corporate institutions.
  9.  Development of Cybersecurity products and equipments with customised specifications that fit into the existing infrastructures  to enhance the coordination of government-wide and enterprise wide digital security collaboratons compliance  monitoring and communication.


  •  Identify and provide professional guidelines, solutions and services on risk management, and business continuity and audits.
  •  Design and develop framework for stakeholders consultation on IT risk management and business continuity plans
  •  Design, facilitate and deliver audits/assessments solutions on information technology infrastructure.
  •  Design and develop technical and management framework for information and web security assurance for government and corporate bodies.
  • Provide technical support to Government and private business to ensure enterprise business continuity.
  • Design and provides solutions on Cybersecurity compliance standards for all users at all levels, with reasonable assurance that IT security objectives are being achieved.


This is a highly technical scalable Unified Cybersecurity Solution developed by CPAA in partnership with our global Cybersecurity platform provider to provide large corporations a solid and enduring enterprise wide cybersecurity framework deploying the following technical portfolios;

Network System Protection (NSP):

Protection of corporate network system and IT infrastructure from cyberthreat.

ii.            Enterprise Data Protection (EDP)

iii.            Information Security Management (ISM)

iv.            Strategic Recovery Plan (SRP):

v.            In-House CERT (i-CERT):

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