CPAA Consortium


CPAA helps redefine Business Engagement in Africa. How? 

In Nigeria, our experienced Team, Contacts Network, Access, Contents and Communications are our framework. We understand the terrain in our key areas, so we provide solutions, technology and business delivery vehicle through direct or partnership framework that drive high end values in Individuals, Businesses, Government, and Non-Governmental industry.

Our Direct Engagement Projects include the following key areas 

  • Information Technology for Development & Technical Management
  • New Media Project and Online  Presence Management
  • Technology Business & Product Marketing Channel Development
  • Public Sector ICT Capital Project  Facilitation, Implementation & Monitoring
  • Technology Policy Conceptual Framework and Roadmap Strategy Development
  • Industry focus legislative  advocacy Project (Public Sector)
  • Technology Product/Service Road show Project ( Industry)
  • Capacity Building Project design & Implementation
  • Technology intervention/innovation development for public sector

Our corporate PPP/MSP** Engagement Projects include the following key areas;

  • E-crime Counter Measures & Cybersecurity Project (MSP)
  • E-Healthcare &  Safety Development Project (MSP)
  • Generational Wealth Project
  • E-Emergency Response Project Development
  • Internet for Development Project (MSP)
  • ICT4D Project (PPP)
  • Public Internet Safety Project
  • Telecenter Operating Network Project
  • Smart & Mobile Project

**PPP – Public Private Partnership |  MSP- Multi-stakeholder’s Partnership

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