CPAA Consortium



CPAA offers customers powerful and robust server hardware systems and security software for cybersecurity operations; Enterprise Network Security Operation Centers, Computer Emergency Response Center, Digital Forensic Operational Center. Our systems handle 24 hrs operations with 0.0009 downtime error.

We help plan, built and kickstart your Security Operation Center right on budget. Furthermore, we deploy and align your cybersecurity software needs with operational and management goals. We build Computer Incidence Handling Center for enterprise and government.

We help make your security center becomes smarter and upwardly mobile with advanced capabilities and  intelligence running on global best practices and standards.  We help secure customer’s personal and business productivities and enhanced business/operational performances. This is the basis of our Smart Cybersecurity Systems (SCS) & Smart Security Media Technology Solution (SSMTS).

Our Smart Cybersecurity systems are smart devices that incorporate functions of remote incidence handling, cyber threat sensing and monitoring,  remote automation and control with capabilities of describing and analyzing a cyber scenario, and taking decisions based on the available data in a predictive or adaptive manner, thereby performing smart interventions or actions to drive and deliver high end response service. We do this through  technology and functionality with applications that secure your business.

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