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PANIEF is a coordinated forum of concerned Nigerian Professionals across the world seeking to assist the country address emergent socio-economic challenges, through economic and technology interventions and exchange of knowledge on public policy, economic and developmental issues. It is a melting point of professional stakeholders from Governments, Civil Society, Businesses, Technical Community, Academia, Development Partners and Multinational Corporation actively operating in the local and international economy and well rooted in global economic and technology ecosystem.

PANIEF was initially focusing on ICT and Cybersecurity intervention where members have represented Nigeria in their individual capacities in various international organizations and multi-corporations including United Nations, Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace, UN Commission for Science and Technology, Global Cybersecurity Forum, ICT for development and Internet Governance for Sustainable development. Since its inception in 2015, PANIEF has continued to transform from ICT for security and development dialogue  into an all-inclusive economic policy dialogue and intervention platform, which has matured over the time, contributing to national development. 2017 is a significant year for Nigerian economy and stakeholders, a time the federal government unveiled Nigeria Economic Recovery & Growth Plan  (ERGP) calling for stakeholders policy process, intervention and commitments which led to expansion and greater improvement of PANEIF policy dialogue on socio-economic interventions.

PANEIF is now moving from policy dialogue into an active engagement of Nigeria leadership on governance, economy, security, technology and community transformation through special interventions. Our approach is focusing on outreach to regional and states communities, with special emphasis on regional security, youth leadership empowerment and interconnected community economic development   PANIEF is transiting into a national socio-economic intervention which has inspired the creation of Regional PANEIF with its maiden event scheduled to hold in Ekiti in strategic partnership with EKITI WANDA.

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