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CPAA CEO Appointed, Member of UN-Global Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group on Internet Governance Matters

As the global Multistakeholder Advisory Group is renewed to prepare for Internet Governance Forum Meeting in João Pessoa, Brazil, 10-13 November 2015, a total of 55 members, 25 among them new, have been appointed.  The CEO of Continental Project Affairs Assoicates, Olusegun Olugbile, has been appointed into the membership of  UN global group lead by the Secretary General.

The confirmation of the appointment was announced, after a due selection process, in the recent press release announcing the 2015 MAG, available from; and the list of new global members available from

Among other appointed, three slots are giving to Nigeria in recognition of the renewed efforts and roles of the country in the Internet Governance discourse in the last three years.  The three slots covering government represented by Tope Fashemi the director of e-government in the Ministry of Community Technology, Civil Society Organization represented by John Dada the Chief Exccutive Officer of Fantsuam Foundation, and private sector as represented by Segun Olugbile, the Chief Executive officer of Continental Project Affairs Associates. Segun is also a coordinator of  Cybersecuirty-Nigeria, an interagency vehicle for public-private engagement on Cybersecurity, where he successfully coordinated the  development of a National Cybersecurity Policy and National Cybersecurity Strategy facilitating government-industry partnership and multi-stakeholders’ input into the policy development process (

Segun has been an active founding member of Nigeria Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group on Internet Governance Forum. He conceptualized a strategic framework for a renewed effort on Nigerian Internet Governance under the Chairmanship of Mrs. Mary Uduma, President of Nigeria Internet Registration Association since 2012 (

The CEO represented Nigeria in the Cybersecurity Panel in the recently concluded CAIRO ICT/AFICTA summit ( in Egypt. He is member of African ICT Alliance and a formidable advocate of cybersecurity, Internet development and governance matters. With the likes of Segun on the global group, the country’s voice and position on Internet governance policy issues would be effectively enhanced.


The UN IGF – Global Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group

According to the UN press statement, the Advisory Group members are from all stakeholder groups and all regions, representing governments, civil society, the private sector and technical community. The members serve in their personal capacity with extensive linkages with their respective stakeholder groups.  The IGF continues to ensure gender diversity and equitable regional representation, especially from developing countries in its current release. The developing nations secured more representation in the global group with 25 new MAG members, 14 (56%) are women and 17 (68%) represent developing countries

The Internet Governance Forum is an outcome of the Tunis phase of the World Summit on the Information Society that took place in 2005.  In the Tunis Agenda for the Information Society, Governments asked the Secretary-General to convene a “new forum for policy dialogue” to discuss issues related to key elements of Internet governance and set out the Forum’s mandate.

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) brings people and nations together from various stakeholder groups as equals, in discussions on public policy issues relating to the Internet. While there is no negotiated outcome, the IGF informs and inspires those with policy-making power in both the public and private sectors.  At their annual meeting delegates discuss, exchange information and share good practices with each other. The IGF facilitates a common understanding of how to maximize Internet opportunities and address risks and challenges that arise.

The main task of the Advisory Group therefore is to provide advice on the preparations for the tenth meeting of the Internet Governance Forum, which is scheduled to take place in João Pessoa, Brazil, on 10-13 November 2015.

As the Internet continue to grow dynamically as a strategic emerging domain for world economy and social interactions, there have been increase global meetings on Internet Governance policy matters in recent time. The Forum’s past nine meetings took place in Athens, Greece, in November 2006; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in November 2007; Hyderabad, India, in December 2008; Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, in November 2009; Vilnius, Lithuania, in November 2010; Nairobi, Kenya in September 2011; Baku, Azerbaijan in November 2012; Bali, Indonesia in October 2013; and Istanbul, Turkey in September 2014.

The Tenth Annual IGF Meeting is scheduled to take place in João Pessoa, Brazil, on 10-13 November 2015.

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